Helpful Tips For Yards


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You can help your lawn be a success by following these simple steps:


  1. Mowing: Mowing on a regular and consistent basis strengthens the roots system and helps develop a hardier plant.
  2. Fertilization: All plants need nutrition. A well balanced diet will go a long way to keeping your lawn healthy.
  3. Proper Watering: Your lawn care program will not be successful if your lawn is not properly watered.
  4. Aeration: Aeration helps the lawn breath easier.
  5. Trim Trees: Keep large trees trimmed on a regular basis.

    In lawns where large trees exist, it is recommended that you trim all limbs that extend below six feet from the ground and thinning the crown about every 2 years.  This will help allow sunlight to penetrate through to the ground.  In a lawn that has been overplanted with trees, pruning will not be enough; some trees must be removed to alleviate the shading problem.  Overplanting impedes air flow which discourages grass growth and encourages lawn diseases.

  6. Follow Instructions: Follow the instructions on the service notice when a lawn care service is performed.
  7. Reduce Compaction: Avoid driving and/or excessive walking on any part of the lawn.
  8. Inspect You Lawn: Notify us immediately if you notice abnormalities in your lawn.

    A few things to look for: grass thinning out, changes in color (other than fall/winter discoloration), brownish, yellowish, or grey spots, and weeds

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