Helpful Tips: Aeration


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Over time the soil in lawns will become compacted and a thin layer of thatch can build up.

Soil compaction is caused by 1) natural settling and 2) walking, playing or driving over the same area frequently.  When soil compacts, water and nutrient penetration is reduced which results in weakening the lawn making it more susceptible to diseases, weeds and lawn damaging insects.

Thatch is the natural accumulation of organic matter that builds up on the surface of the soil.  Thatch under 1/2 inch is beneficial for the lawn because it helps protect the crown of the plant.  However, thatch 1/2 inch or greater prevents water and nutrients from reaching into the soil.  It also provides a breeding ground for diseases and insects.

Aeration is the most effective method for addressing these issues.  The effects are not immediate but produce long lasting results.  Aeration deals mostly with soil compaction but it also helps with reducing thatch which is why it is the preferred method for dealing with both.  Aeration removes small 2 – 3 inch plugs from the soil and leaves them on the ground.  This loosens the soil and the plugs break down and add a small layer of topsoil to your lawn.


Aeration should be performed once a year during the spring when the grass is in its most active growth period.

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