Helpful Tips: Fertilization


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Proper fertilization, along with proper mowing and watering, is also vital to the success of your lawn.  A healthy and robust lawn will be better equipped to fight diseases, crowd out weeds and defend against lawn-destroying insects.

Many homeowners feed their lawns only once or twice a year, this is know as a “feast-or-famine” approach which causes the grass to be unable to stand up to the daily stresses put on the lawn.  Routine fertilization provides your lawn with a consistent amount of nutrition to help keep it healthy and hardy year round.

Trying to determine your lawn’s fertilization needs and appropriate product to use can sometimes be complicated.  Many factors are involved, such; as time of year, temperature, soil type, grass type, lawn condition, etc. need to be considered in order to make the right choice for your lawn.  Making the wrong choice can damage the lawn and cause other issues that will need to be addressed.


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