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Landscape Maintenance Tips


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Landscape Mulch
Mulch has several benefits for your landscaped areas.  The main benefits are reduced evaporation of water and it helps to limit weed growth.
The benefits of mulch are:

  • Reduce water loss and erosion.
  • Moderates soil temperature.
  • Adds organic matter which helps root development.
  • Helps reduce or even eliminate some weeds.
  • Beautifies the landscaped areas.

The recommended depth of mulch that should be maintained is 2-3 inches around plants and trees.  Adding mulch once or twice a year in early spring and then again in the fall is recommended.

Seasonal Color
Seasonal color adds beauty and vibrancy to your home.  When people drive down your street they can’t help but be awed by the beauty a nicely decorated landscape gives.

Crape Myrtle
The best time of the year to “Top Prune” your Crape Myrtles for summer is January
through the middle of February. Top pruning helps make the plant more attractive by
removing the small twigs and seed pods (which do not produce new flowers in the
spring like most plants do) from the plant so the tree is more aesthetically pleasing while
the tree is producing new growth.

Crape Myrtles (like shade trees) can also be pruned anytime during the year and is
beneficial to the long term health and longevity of the plant. This “Tree Style” pruning consists of
structural pruning and removing crossing limbs, root sprouts, & deadwood.

Landscape Bed Weeding
Routine and consistent weeding of landscaped bed areas will, overtime, reduce the amount of weeds growing in your bed.

Hedge/Shrub Trimming
Trimming shrubs and hedges on a regular basis, frequency depends on type of plant, will have the following benefits:

  • Improves the appearance of your property.
  • Promotes proper plant growth.
  • Helps control pests and insects.

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